About Me

Hi! I’m Amy. A 34-year-old woman living in Sacramento. I grew up in New Hampshire and moved to California over 8 years ago.

Writing is my passion and I’ve made a career out of storytelling, first as a television news producer and now as a Communications professional. I love writing about my own experiences the most – hence, this blog.

Things I love, in no particular order, include: family, friends, food, beer, wine, sunsets, football (Go Pats!), hiking, animals, cooking, coffee, photography, reading, swimming, a good tv binge and traveling.

After a health scare in early 2019 (see first blog post, here), I realized I needed to make some pretty big changes in my life. And I started this blog to chronicle them. I was – and continue to be – determined to make the changes necessary to build the life I want for myself. I’m tired of always saying “someday” – change starts with me and it has to start now. Hence the name I chose for this blog.

But almost a year later, I’ve realized that while change has always been an ironic constant in my life, it’s not the only thing I want to write about. So instead of following the advice of blog experts everywhere who say I should focus on a single topic that I will inevitably tire of after a handful of posts, I’m giving myself permission to use this space to write about whatever I want. Health. Dating. Politics. My job. How much I love Sacramento. My cats. Travel. Random shit I see on my daily bus ride. Anything and everything. Feel free to read along. Or don’t. But I think it’ll be worth your time.